Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Pune
Directorate of Forensic Science Services
Ministry of Home Affairs
Government of India

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Divisions & Their Services

The Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Pune is established for the forensic examination of various crime exhibits by using conventional and sophisticated instrumental methods. The CFSL, Pune will cater to the needs of all Central Govt. Agencies, Higher/Lower Courts, Autonomous bodies, Public Sector Undertakings, Banks & respective States/Union Territories under the notified jurisdiction of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Daman & Diu, Dadar & Nagar Haveli. However, the cases can be accepted from states other than the Jurisdiction with the approval of competent authority/Hon'ble courts. The quantum of services shall be counted with respect to the high end services on demand in various specialized areas of Forensic Science. The laboratory may extend its services for the examination of the cases referred by the competent authority of the state FSLs.The objective of the Central Forensic Science Laboratory is to render high quality and credible forensic services to justice delivery system. Our new lab shall cover the Examination, Identification, Analysis and Reporting of exhibits in the following domains.

Establishment , Finance/Accounts , Procurement & Stores , Estate, Horticulture & Maintenance/Engineering , Rajbhasha (Official Language) etc.

Firearms, Ammunition and Target Materials, Modern Firearms(Indian/Foreign Origin), Improvised/Modified/Country made Weapons, Firearms, Propellant Powders, Shot Shells, Gun Shot Residue (GSR), Scene of Crime Examination etc.

Serology, Skull Superimposition & Identification, Portrait Building, Facial Reconstruction, Blood, Semen, Other Body Fluids/Stains, Tissue, Tooth, Bone, Hair, Plant, Diatoms, Fibre, Cord, Scene of Crime Examination etc.

Acids Throwing, Pharmaceutical drugs, Trap Cases, Arson, Liquor, Gold/Jewellery, Fire Accelerants, Scene of Crime Examination etc.

Crime Scene Management, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Exhibit Management, Scene of Crime Examination etc.

DNA Profiling (Gynomics to Phenomics), Rape, Paternity, Maternity, Scene of Crime Examination etc.

Variety of Questioned Documents, Handwriting, Signature, Scanning, Typewriting, Impact/ Non-Impact Printing, Computer Printout, Watermark, Hologram, Photo - Print, Currency, Plastic Currency, Seal & Stamp Impression, Writing Media, Judicial Paper, Stamp, Travel Documents, Postal Money Order, Scene of Crime Examination etc.

Data Retrieval/Examination/Analysis of various Digital Storage Medias such as- CDs, DVDs, Pen Drives, Hard Discs, Mobile Phones, Memory Cards, SIM cards, Analysis of various social media/artifacts, Scene of Crime Examination etc.

Pyrotechnic, Post-Blast Residue, Initiation Device, Scene of Crime Examination etc.

Narcotic drugs & psychotropic substances and their related substances under NDPS Act 1985, Scene of Crime Examination etc.

Paint, Glass, Tyre, Soil, Fibre, Metal, Thread, Rope, Tool Mark, Struggle Mark, Knot, Metal/Postal Seal, Decipherment of Erased Chassis & Engine Number, Source Correspondence, Accident/Crime Scene Reconstruction, Speaker Identification, Speech Recognition, Speech Enhancement, Audio-Video Tape Authentication, Facial Recognition, Video Examination, Scene of Crime Examination etc.

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